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 The Basics of KAW

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PostSubject: The Basics of KAW   Fri May 26, 2017 3:39 am

Rules of Conduct:

Do not farm other KaWers. Farming is hitting (scout, steal, assassinate or attack) another player more then 5x a day. Failed hits and spy attempts count towards the 5.
If there are any problem with farming or someone farming you, please tell an admin immedietly.


Every player has complete freedom to build any combination of buildings in thier kingdom but most stick to one of the following depending on how they want to play the game:

Pure Attack Build:
All attack buildings and no spies.
This build will provide you with strong attack and defence, however it leaves you vulnerable to spies.
Pure Spy Builds:
All spy building and no soldiers.
This build will provide you with the strongest possible spy, however it leaves you open to attacks if you have any gold out.
Pure spy builds who open for attack builds are referred to as OSF (Open Spy Farm)
Pure spys have no need for allies
These two builds form the basis of most other builds:
Mixed Build:
Mostly attack buildings with a few spy buildings
Gives good attack and defence power while also giving a little spy power allowing you to scout, assasinate and steal
Hansel Build:
All spy buildings apart from one attack building.
This build allows spies to make more plunder since the spy buildings add to their plunder from allies.
This build can be effective as it allows you to attack an epic battle or opponent to make gold, and then steal as well effectively getting double the gold of a normal build.
Hybrid Build:
Half attack buildings and half spy buildings.
These have become popular since the start of epic battles as they have both the attack stats to hit without using potions and the spy stats to make a large reward.
Often popular with farmers picking on smaller targets.
Ally Plunder:

When you are successful in an attack you recieve two types of plunder
Troop plunder ("Plunder" on the victory page) is the plunder you gain from your own troops. This will reduce as the level of your troops reduce.
Alliy plunder ("Allies bonus" on the victory page) is the plunder you gain from having allies. This does not reduce as the level of your troops reduce.
The maximum ally plunder you can make is based on your buildings.
The amount of your maximum ally plunder that you receive is based on the value of your allies. Each allie will have a plunder bonus stat.
Note it is based on the total value of all the allies you own and not the number of allies you own.
Don't worry about Allie stats early on since plunder bonus is only based on the value of the allie and not their stats.
As you build more buildings your maximum ally plunder will increase and you will need to increase the value you hold in allies to make sure you are getting as much gold as you can.

Allies are very important, they increase your plunder take. See Plunder above.
They contribute towards your strength
The stats you gain from an ally are shown in their Ally bonus
Ally bonus is 2% of the ally's raw stats
The stats you gain from allies are static (don't change with troop level)
"Vollying" allies is when two or more people hire a player back and forth.
Each time the allie gets hired he makes some gold (1.5% of their value up to a maximum of 1million per hire) and the seller makes some gold (1.5% of the value they hired the ally for)..
Vollying is a good way to make some quick gold or to tramsfer gold from one player to another.

OSFs and Inactives:

OSFs are players that "open" themselves up for clan members to hit them and quickly gain gold.
An OSF has no troops so can never be DTW as long as they have gold and over 20% of thier spies
OFSs are helping you, so thanking them is the least you can do
They should never be scouted, stolen, or assisinated!
Inactives are other KaW folks who have stoped playing the game, gone inactive.
Inactives are allowed to be farmed, however, keep an eye on them in case the come back.
Notify Admin in inactive becomes active again to remove from list.
Please ask admin for the clan inactive list and DO NOT share with others.
Inactive accounts are deleted by the Devs after a certain amount of time has passed.

System War (SWAR)
This is the system for warring between two clans.
The war is won by the clan who has made the most pluinder when the timer runs out.
All plunder from attacks and steals are taxed at 40% by the system
Active players in the winning clan are rewarded mithril based on their participation
Mithril War (MWAR):
This is opperated within the inter-clan warring system (see above) but the opponent is an OSF.
Attacking the OSF gives you plunder. The OSF will not attack back and will lose the war rewarding the attackers with mithril.
Old School War (OSW):
This is a war between two or more clans, conducted outside the iter-clan warring system
The winner is the first to surrrender and there is no reward beyond pride
There is no time limit and these can last from a couple of hours to months
Stripping (hiring all allies and then stealing all gold) is common and plays a large part of OSW.
Epic Battles:
Epic battles are intra-clan missions. They come in various levels of difficulty and reward participents based on their contribution to completing the mission
These have become the main method of obtaining gold in KaW since the removal of plunder wars
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The Basics of KAW
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